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    Our Centre has many collaborators – research fellows, postgraduate students, practitioners, academics and industry partners, spanning many countries, backgrounds and areas of expertise.

    Below we list some key collaborators who are driving innovation in research and training activity supported through the centre.

    We are establishing a major international footprint, working with a wide range of organisations, particularly police and child protection bodies.

Professor Martine Powell

Founding Director

Martine has over 20 years of experience as a researcher in testimony and investigative interviewing, and in implementing and evaluating interviewer training programs across the globe.

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Dr Sonja Brubacher

Researcher and trainer

Sonja is a researcher and industry trainer, with expertise in child development and interviewing protocols. She is the Centre's international training consultant to organisations in North America.

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Dr Becky Earhart

Researcher and trainer

Becky is a researcher and trainer with expertise in child witness memory and development. She specialises in the administration of the online learning management system, and provides training feedback for organisations in North America.

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A/Prof Pamela Snow

Senior Researcher

Pam has a background in psychology, speech pathology and communication training. She is renowned for her work on the oral language of youth offenders and high-risk children.

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Mr Mohammed Mussa


Mohammed conducts research into the implementation and evaluation of a short online investigative interviewing course.

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Ms Bronwen Manger

Administrative Officer and Assistant to Professor Powell

Bronwen has varied education, employment experience and skills. She provides administrative and research assistance to Prof Powell and other members of the centre.

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Ms Katrina Avery

Business and Innovation Manager

Katrina assists with scoping and arranging contracts for consultancy and commercial research projects with our industry and government partners.

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