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    Our Centre has many collaborators – research fellows, postgraduate students, practitioners, academics and industry partners, spanning many countries, backgrounds and areas of expertise.

    Below we list some key collaborators who are driving innovation in research and training activity supported through the centre.

    We are establishing a major international footprint, working with a wide range of organisations, particularly police and child protection bodies.

Dr Kimberlee Burrows

Lecturer and Research Fellow

Kimberlee has a background in law and child protection. She works closely with Australian Crown prosecutors to improve the evidential quality of child witness statements about abuse.

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Ms Madeleine Bearman


Madeleine is a developing researcher and trainer in the area of interviewing people with complex communication needs.

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Mr Geoffrey Wright


Geoffrey has over 25 years of professional filmmaking experience. He creates short films for the Centre’s training courses.

Dr Stefanie Sharman

Senior Researcher

Stef has a background in eyewitness testimony, particularly false memory and suggestibility.

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Dr Jason Dickinson

Senior Researcher

Jason has a background in forensic interviewing and eyewitness memory and testimony.

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Dr Lydia Timms

Research Fellow and Consultant

Lydia is a speech pathologist, specialising in the language development and communication needs of vulnerable populations.

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Prof David Boud

Learning and Assessment Specialist

David collaborates on research determining the elements that underpin learning of interview skill.

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Dr Hennessey Hayes

Senior Researcher

Dr Hennessey Hayes specialises in restorative justice, youthful offending and recidivism.

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