• Thesis Listing

    A number of students are currently conducting research projects with the Centre. Some of these students are listed below.

    Cate Bailey – PhD

    Context, intervention and evaluation: Child sexual abuse in Indigenous communities in two Australian jurisdictions.

    Madeleine Bearman – PhD

    The investigation of effective interviewing techniques for individuals with complex communication needs.

    Jade Hardman – Master of Arts (Psychology)

    Testing an interview protocol for victims of sexual assault.

    Carolina Navarro – PhD

    Children’s oral language competence and investigative interviewing.

    Anne Sophie Pichler – PhD

    The relationship between investigative interview quality, trial process and trial outcome.

    Patrick Tidmarsh – PhD

    An analysis of the ‘Whole Story’ approach: A conceptual and practical framework for the investigation of sexual assault, rape, and child sexual abuse.

    Katrine Turoy-Smith – Doctor of Psychology (Forensic)

    Exploring the interviewing of children for family law purposes.

    Laura Whitting – Doctor of Psychology (Forensic)

    An evaluation of the impact of community notification on the management of sex offenders living in the community.

    Mohammed Mussa Ali – PhD

    Investigative interviewing in relation to domestic violence.

    Aylwin Yap – PhD

    The effect of repeated interviewing on the detail and accuracy of recall in children.

    Veronica Johnston – Doctor of Psychology (Clinical)

    Supportive Interviewer Behaviours and Children’s Disclosure of Sensitive Information.